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Cleaning Services

Labotel LLC will spend time listening to your requirements and expectations before allocating the right cleaning method and level of service.We cater to all kinds of buildings,including commercial,retail,residential,government and schools,etc.and can also provide initial cleaners/builders where required.

  • Deep Cleaning Services
  • Facade Cleaning
  • External Glass Cleaning
  • Floor Polishing
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Post Construction Cleaning
  • Move in & Move out Cleaning

Maintenance Services

Labotel LLC are experts in mechanical maintenance and have specialized teams for equipment such as chillers,cooling towers, pumps, motors, etc. We use manufacturer’s operation and maintenance data.For the critical equipment,a failure mode effects analysis(FMEA)will be completed to ensure risks are contained and anticipated from the start.In addition,we provide predictive and condition-based services such as vibration analysis,Eddy current testing,laser alignment,thermography and fuel/oil analysis.

Labotel LLC provides high quality standard electrical maintenance for low-voltage and high-voltage equipment.As a baseline for the preventive maintenance we use manufacturer’s operations and maintenance data.We also have centralized teams in place who conduct professional surveys of the electrical systems on regular basis for predictive techniques such as thermal imaging,portable appliance testing (PAT)etc.This enables to detect faults before they lead to failure.

Labotel LLC has established an extensive plumbing maintenance services program to install, repair and maintain all plumbing equipment,whilst using state-of–the-art tools and equipment to facilitate quick response to emergencies such as flood,overflow,and blockage.With in our plumbing maintenance services,we ensure all preventive measures are taken,there by preventing pre mature failure. Implementation of corrosion coupons in chilled water distribution piping,and operating valves through their travel on regular basis,are only a few examples of the small measures that lead to reduction of total cost of ownership.We also provide chemical testing,dosing and water treatment services for open loop,closed loop systems.

Security Services

The meaning of security is the state of being free from danger or threat.One of them a in priorities in Labotel,is the security,protection and safety of all your employees, contractors,andvisitors.To ensure the safety and security of the whole facility,we offer a wide range of specialist security personnel,which are one of the best security group for maintaining peace and order 24/7.

Call Center Services

Among the number of vital elements that are required to make a business successful,customer services till thrives to be the most important one.your every customer interaction tends to affect the business tangible or intangible. Labotel’ s 24/7 call center provides professional training to its employees in customer skills and helps you and your organization to thrive for success in the market.